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Low Pay Commission

Simon Sapper

Simon Sapper was appointed to the Low Pay Commission in June 2018.

In Hartlepool, there are problems the minimum wage can't fix

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Town Wall, Hartlepool, Durham, England. Dating from the late 14th century the limestone wall once enclosed the whole of the medieval town. The terraced houses overlook the entrance to Victoria Docks in the background.

On the train out of Kings Cross, I’m reading the briefing that accompanies us on all site visits. Expertly prepared by the secretariat, it leaves no economic stone unturned. But as I head towards the north east, my feeling of …

Access to work and access to workers - Simon Sapper's reflections on his first visit as a Commissioner

Simon Sapper's appointment to the Low Pay Commission was confirmed last week, but he has already taken part in one of our evidence-gathering visits. Here is what he heard in Barnstaple at the end of May... It’s like there’s a …